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Remembering all those who fell for our freedom - and the Best Friends who waited patiently for their return ...

Jac Bichon
In the teeth of the freezing wind, Paul is off delivering turbines to Charles De Gaul to keep the travel industry going!!! He just doesn't stop that Man!
Jac Bicon
Just to let all my human and doggy friends know that the Royal Clarence in Exeter (England's oldest hotel) is on fire ... so sad ... it's one of my favourite restaurants ... I wonder what Michael Caine will do???
Jac Bichon
Despite all the promises, I STILL don't have that passport!
Last week Paul was all over Italy ... Monacco Boat Show and all! I'd have enjoyed that!
It seems we are busy, busy, busy! Our own Mr Bond is covering the tracks delivering medical equipment, hotel beds, keys that were accidentally left behind and the like.
Jan was away in the USA/Canada for a while and we sure missed her, but she's back now and we're gearing up for the Christmas rush.
Keep on Trucking!
Jac Bicon
Phew! Rio! Those Olympics sure were exciting! Now back to the day job.
Did you read about Goofy who works at an Indian Ad Agency? What a cushy number! While I have serious responsibilities, Goofy gets to sit on a comfy chair at meetings! Bah!
On a more serious note, Paul and Mark tell me that we are getting more and more busy! I don't know if I can keep up! Paul has so many jobs into France and Italy he feels like he's juggling hot coals - and Mark is working very hard to keep the UK customers satisfied ... if you know what I mean :) !
They even say that we may have to buy a new van! How will I split myself into so many parts? This courier business is serious you know.
In the South West we have gales and all kinds of high tides and flood warnings - very exciting, for some!
Catch you soon!
Jack Bichon
You know what? I am a Dog With A Job, and I know there are lots more of us out there, and I think it's time the World knew about us!

My name is Jack and my job is Courier Services Assistant.

My Driver is Paul. He's great! Often when he's doing the boring bits, I see other Dogs With Jobs looking after their Driver's van, and we just look at each other and keep our thoughts to ourselves!

Last week Paul and I were taking a delivery from our base here in Exeter in the South West to Southend, Essex. It was expensive medical equipment, an important same day courier job for one of our clients, and it was my job to be in charge of the van when he went for his tea.

I do not like getting up at 2.30 in the morning, but it's an important job! Someone's got to do it.

We do this job twice a week. It's a long drive from Exeter to the South East and return through London, but the van is always full because we do a good job! London is busy with lots of vans and cars and I see many other Dogs With Jobs!

I haven't yet qualified as an international courier but hope my passport will shortly be on its way. Paul tells me about the places he's been and I can't wait to see Italy and France (especially Paris – all those little poodles!) and Paul is an expert in Swiss imports but I'm not sure if I'd like the cold and I'm useless on skis!
Jack Bichon

About Us

Incorporated in 2013 we have built the reputation a first class dedicated service as standard.

Business Services

Every day of every week Time Critical Courier Ltd moves industrial components and essential documentation across the length and breadth of the UK.

Private Customers

We offer a bespoke delivery service for private customers who require dedicated movement of urgent documents, goods, or personal items.

You can expect:

Dedicated Service
One off deliveries or contract work
Part or Full Load
24/7 Service
Goods up to 1250Kgs/20 cubic metres