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Phew! Rio! Those Olympics sure were exciting! Now back to the day job.
Did you read about Goofy who works at an Indian Ad Agency? What a cushy number! While I have serious responsibilities, Goofy gets to sit on a comfy chair at meetings! Bah!
On a more serious note, Paul and Mark tell me that we are getting more and more busy! I don't know if I can keep up! Paul has so many jobs into France and Italy he feels like he's juggling hot coals - and Mark is working very hard to keep the UK customers satisfied ... if you know what I mean :) !
They even say that we may have to buy a new van! How will I split myself into so many parts? This courier business is serious you know.
In the South West we have gales and all kinds of high tides and flood warnings - very exciting, for some!
Catch you soon!
Jack Bichon

About Us

Incorporated in 2013 we have built the reputation a first class dedicated service as standard.

Business Services

Every day of every week Time Critical Courier Ltd moves industrial components and essential documentation across the length and breadth of the UK.

Private Customers

We offer a bespoke delivery service for private customers who require dedicated movement of urgent documents, goods, or personal items.

You can expect:

Dedicated Service
One off deliveries or contract work
Part or Full Load
24/7 Service
Goods up to 1250Kgs/20 cubic metres